Monday, February 9, 2009

Crazy Monday

After a long weekend of Presli being sick and a late Sunday night with Presli's fever being at a high 104 I was hoping for a lax Monday. My children had different plans. Dylan decided to wake up with the sun and came up to my face and said "mommy its a beautiful day and its time to wake up and jump on the trampoline"...yes I said kidding me! Well just in case your wondering, no I didn't go and jump on the trampoline at 6:45 am but my daily morning duties did start. Feedings, laundry, cleaning, and did I mention diaper changes and bottom cleaning?! Well lets just say Dylan was rather regular today, after 5 times of "mommy will you please come wipe my bottom" and the daily regularity of changing a 7 month old, I do believe I was an official "bottom cleaner" today. As if I wasn't feeling tired enough, I walked out from checking on Presli while she was napping, and dylan was jumping on the trampoline NAKED...OMG!!!! It's now around 4pm and I decide to have a piece of chocolate, that at this point in the day, I feel I well deserve. Dylan walks up to me and says "mommy too much chocolate makes you poo poo"...hmmmm?! After his day in the bathroom I'm thinking he must know something I don't and decide to stop at only one piece.


  1. Oh my gosh!! HILARIOUS!! I definitely think you deserved that piece of chocolate, and could have gotten away with more than just one piece, no matter what Dylan said!! =o)

  2. That's great! I know the overwhelming feeling poo can have on you with just one kid, I can't imagine two :)
    Things are just so black and white for kids, aren't they?

  3. Thanks for giving me a good laugh today Lindsey! That is too funny - I've been there and am about to be all over again!

  4. Well that cracked me up.. And I do know the feeling.. ha ( all over AGAIN) Just remember the giggles, and JOY will follow.. So glad to find you in this blog world we live in. I'm not too far from you.. Hollar at me sometime.