Sunday, February 22, 2009

Look alike

Presli got her very first Cabbage Patch for Christmas from her grandma and grandad Robinson and when we opened it up I totally cracked up. I think it looks just like Presli and her hair with her ponytail in. I also grew up loving Cabbage Patch babies and so it reminded me of when I was a little girl. Presli's Cabbage Patch is wearing a Care Bear costume and I also collected every Care Bear they made when I was little. This made me reminisce back to being a little girl playing with all my Care Bears and Cabbage Patches. This is one of my favorite things Presli has and ever time I look at her Cabbage Patch I see a resemblance between her and Presli. She loves her baby and I think this picture of them together is so cute.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Crazy Monday

After a long weekend of Presli being sick and a late Sunday night with Presli's fever being at a high 104 I was hoping for a lax Monday. My children had different plans. Dylan decided to wake up with the sun and came up to my face and said "mommy its a beautiful day and its time to wake up and jump on the trampoline"...yes I said kidding me! Well just in case your wondering, no I didn't go and jump on the trampoline at 6:45 am but my daily morning duties did start. Feedings, laundry, cleaning, and did I mention diaper changes and bottom cleaning?! Well lets just say Dylan was rather regular today, after 5 times of "mommy will you please come wipe my bottom" and the daily regularity of changing a 7 month old, I do believe I was an official "bottom cleaner" today. As if I wasn't feeling tired enough, I walked out from checking on Presli while she was napping, and dylan was jumping on the trampoline NAKED...OMG!!!! It's now around 4pm and I decide to have a piece of chocolate, that at this point in the day, I feel I well deserve. Dylan walks up to me and says "mommy too much chocolate makes you poo poo"...hmmmm?! After his day in the bathroom I'm thinking he must know something I don't and decide to stop at only one piece.

First Foods

Now that Presli is 7 months she is needed more to keep her little tummy full. She started on fruits and veggies and is loving them. You can tell by this smile she is thinking "this stuff is wonderful!" It is so funny because she attacks the spoon when she sees it coming.

She is crying here because she is having to wait for her next bite. She takes after her momma...she loves her food and doesn't like waiting for it!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

my first blessing

Dylan made this heart with his hands and told me"this heart is for you because I love you so much".

Dylan is so full of energy and questions, he is very antithetical, and this makes for some very trying days, but I wouldn't change a thing about him. He has the sweetest heart. He cares so much about every ones feelings and tries very hard everyday to make the right choices. I will never forget the moment I held him for the first time. My heart felt a love that is more than indescribable. For the very first time I could grasp the love that Jesus has for us....that is enough love to lay down his very own life!

Having him changed my life forever and it gave me a whole new outlook on the "simple things" that go on in my everyday life that are treasures. Dylan brings so much joy to my life and its such a unexplainable love that I also feel in return from him. He loves me "just because"..for no reason in the world.

His little eyes just sparkle when he smiles and it doesn't matter what kind of day I maybe having, his smile always brightens my day.

Dylan is so sweet, every morning when I come out of my closet from getting dressed he says "mommy you look so beautiful in those cloths." I look forward to that complement every single makes my day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bike Ride

Today was such a pretty day compared to the insanely cold and icy weather we had last week so we decided to ride bikes. Dylan thought sissie would love to try his bike out for size....and as you can see, she loved it. We had so much fun and it was so nice to be able to play outside.

crazy hair

Dylan thinks its funny to fix his hair in all kinds of CrAzY ways to make me laugh.

Sad enough this is what presli's hair looks like everday when she wakes up or once we have pulled her ponytails out....SiLlY...just like her.
Whether its silly hair or watching my kids play they always bring joy to my heart and keep me laughing.