Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leg Candy...

Presli's leg warmers are one of many of the great "accessories" available out there for babies now. I think her chunky legs look so cute snuggled in them.
These are one of the best things that have been brought back. They are so convenient, you can change their diaper without having to take anything off, not to mention how stinking cute they are. Presli has a pair to go with any outfit... I'm leg warmer crazy and think everyone with a tot should have a pair or two or three...lol!! I like to think of them as "leg candy"..just another great accessory to finish off an outfit.


  1. Aww, those are adorable!! Makes me wish I had a little girl to buy some for!! =o) Maybe next time...Lindsey she is precious! A true miracle - I love her and don't even know her! I hope y'all are doing well! Love you!

  2. of course i agree! super super super adorable!

  3. Thank y'all so much,and Starling they make them for boys too...YAY!!

  4. These are fabulous! They need to make those in big girl sizes ;) We could wear them instead of pants ;)
    I will have to get Hayley's baby girl some of these since it is very cold in Germany! Where do you find them?

  5. wouldnt that be great!! :-)
    I have gotten them from several different places...www.babysnazz.com, www.babylegs.net, and Target has a small selection in the baby section. I think babysnazz has military ones too!!!